TANSLEY FILM Community Cinema


Booking seats is essential. Subsequent payment for each seat is either 4 in cash at the door or you can pay 20 for our FreeChoice discount card to see any seven films from the current programme (equivalent to 2.85 per film) subject to seat availability. The card is transferrable and allows one seat to be used per film. Booking is still needed to guarantee you a seat.

Our cinema has up to 85 comfortable, upholstered seats. As we often sell out, we prefer you to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Booking for a film can be made at/after 8 am on the WEDNESDAY that is one calendar month before the film is shown. In other words, the day AFTER we show a film you can book to see the next one. A booking request received before this time will be rejected.

There is no charge until you pay for your seat on arrival for the film. If you have booked and discover that you cannot attend please let us know so that we can reallocate your seat to anyone on our waiting list.

To book email book@tansleyfilm.org.uk (telling us where you like to sit).

You can request a row number, a range of rows, or ask for the front (rows 1-4), middle (rows 5-7) or rear (rows 8-11), and whether you prefer the left side or the right side (when facing the screen). We put your placename on your seat, directing you to it on arrival.

  Customers in wheelchairs have easy access to the cinema and have a toilet designed for their needs opposite the gangway between rows 4 and 6 on the right. If you use a wheelchair and wish to watch the film from it, please let us know when you book so that we can allocate space at the right-hand end of a row at or near the front, to ensure your comfort and convenience.

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